Global Medical Academy


To contribute to the advancement of global
healthcare through world-class education,
research and patient care

Customized curriculum for group
of applicant’s clinical interests
Group consultation with respective
department’s advising professor
Schedule adjustment and change request
period for complete optimization
Pre-survey Reflecting
education needs
Pre-survey form to access educational needs and demands
Preparing SNUBH departments to receive International scholars
Education Assessment Improving
training accountability
2-way assessment report through course satisfaction surveys from the trainees and trainee assessment check from SNUBH
Certificate of Completion to trainees successfully completing the program

Overall Information

Overall Information
Type Description

Physicians from Abroad

Physicians able to communicate in English or Korean


Education Program from Medical Departments / Observation

Training Duration

No Limitation

Educational Cost

Borne by institutions or applicants

SNUBH Supports

Doctors gown and ID card

Visa assistance

Issuance of an official certificate of completion after the end of the education

How to Apply

Institutions or Individual may apply for the program by e-mail

e-mail: / Fax: +82-31-787-4044

Training Program

Training Program
Course Training Program Reference
Common Specialties
  • - Conference
  • - Grand Round
  • - Case Discussion
  • - Surgery Observation
  • - Live Surgery
  • - Grand Round
  • *2,255$ ~ 16,645$
    - Depending on contract period
  • - Surgical Planning
  • - Medical Equipment
  • - Surgical Planning
  • - Medical Equipment
  • - Clinical Experiment
Training Program Type of Course
Term Type of Course
Observation Advanced Expert
2 weeks 2,255$ 2,400$ 4,900$
1 month 3,965$ 4,255$ 6,755$
3 months 10,805$ 11,645$ 16,645$
  • Onsite Class: Based on request from foreign government and medical institutions, medical staffs from SNUBH will participate in professional
    education programs held abroad
    (Institutions requesting the program bear all expenses.)
  • Service offered by hospital: Gown, ID card, dormitory guideline, program certificate, support from specialized staff, and stationery and souvenir will be provided.

Application Form : Application Form