As the central component of medical education at Seoul
National University Health Care, SNUBH has deep roots in medical
education and research from its outset.

Our commitment to medical education, rigorous academics and
clinical capability, fostered the most sought-after training
programs for young physicians of Korea today.
Recognized as a world leader in high quality medical care and
innovation, we have been increasingly involved in international
affairs of medical care and scientific advancement.

With our global presence at the new campuses in Middle East and
Moscow, Russia, we have been providing educational programs
for physicians, nurses and other health care professionals such as
administrative leaders of health care industry through various

Medical Education
International Exchange
  • Training of medical staff of the new hospital in Skolkovo (Russia) through the Global Medical Academy of SNUBH
  • 4 week intensive education program
  • All clinical departments
Onsite Class
  • SNUBH Surgical team teaches a team approach for surgery
  • Program : Pre-operative management, surgical anatomy and techniques, complication management, tele-live surgery simulcast
Continuous Education
  • Real-time(live) Surgery
  • E-Learning
  • Remote academic conferences
Business Education
Business training
  • Short term professional development courses for medical staff and managers
  • Curriculum Topic: Human Resource Management, Healthcare Information System, Healthcare Supply Chain Management, Quality Management


Spreading knowledge worldwide

More than 400 international scholars from over 30 countries annually
More than 100 physicians from Moscow have participated in SNUBH’s Global Medical Academy since 2014