Onsite Class

  • Optimize the structure of practice
  • Build a better culture and be a place doctors and staff want to work
Program Highlights
  • Peri-operative management
  • Surgical anatomy
  • Techniques
  • Complication management
  • Live operations simulcast from the operating room to the lecture hall
Applicable Clinical Department
  • GS: Laparoscopic & 3D surgery
  • NS: Gamma Knife, Embolization treatment
  • OS: Arthroscopic surgery
  • URO: da Vinci Robot surgery
  • Thoracic Surgery & Cardiology: Hybrid OR, 3Dangiography, Cardiology PACS
What would be learned from Onsite Class
  • Anatomy Review
  • Procedural Review
  • Instrumentation review
  • Sharing of procedural tips and techniques
  • Managing complications
Cost Onsite Class
  • Borne by each hospital
  • Airfare, Travel Cost, Accommodation and Meal
Meet Local Physicians
Understand Facility and Medical Equipment
Comprehensively evaluate Patient Status
Pre Lecture
  • - Anatomy Review
  • - Minimally Invasive Surgery
Onsite Class
Operation Review
Onsite Class
Post-operation Management
Patient Monitoring